About Us

The Company

Taxido.net is a company founded in 2010, as a part of Jam-Group. Lead by the idea of becoming a leader in the on-line transfer booking, we have created a brand new, diverting and vibrant web site with a completely different approach to passenger transfer business.
Unlike many other web sites, where customers are directed to a booking form as soon as possible, we want to give our visitors a chance to play around, meet their drivers and have an overall pleasant experience.
By creating a familiar environment to encourage experimentation instead of just filling-in money-driven, faceless booking forms, we brought innovation to clients around the globe.

Our Vision

Taxido.net has a mission to provide the best selection of transfers worldwide by designing a whole new booking engine that looks like a hybrid of Google and Facebook. We seek to suit our passengers needs and desires, and to create value in every encounter with our associates. Taxido.net’s vision is an personalized and exceptional service. We want to provide our passengers a cheap, fast and reliable transfer and to create a system known for service, broad choices and top quality. We strive to do our best, and to do so, we set out some long term goals:
  • expansion of offers
  • improving the quality of services
  • improvement of IT solutions
  • increase in the number of innovations per employee
  • growth in turnover
  • minimum number of complaints
  • ethical and socially responsible business

Benefits for Customers

Easy booking
Taxido.net gives you the option of booking your transfer in a few simple steps.

Lowest prices
Taxido.net guarantees the best transfer rates for all types of vehicles.

No reservation fees
Taxido.net offers a totally free service, without any hidden costs.

Secure booking
Taxido.net system is completely secure - we guarantee the privacy of your personal and credit card data.

Customer Service
Taxido.net’s Customer Service is available 24 hours a day.

Benefits for Partners

Free access
Taxido.net offers you a completely free access to our reservation system.

Easy booking
Taxido.net enables easy booking, with a complete overview of your reservations.

Taxido.net gives you access to a global market.

Taxido.net provides support to all of our partners.

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Contact Info

Head office
Radojke Lakic 6
11000 Belgrade

Tel/Fax : +381 11 3640 291
Call center: : +381 64 659 72 00

Office hours
Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Emergency gsm: +381 64 659 72 00